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cordonelectronics 2016 has been a crazy year. We’re only a quarter of the way into it, which makes it actually a little concerning that we’ve lost so much already—almost as concerning as confronting what promises to be a turbulent and conflict-filled election year. With so much to worry about, it almost feels like Earth Day is an archaic holdover from the seventies, from a world that saw celebrations as the best way to raise awareness.

Today, the US committed to the Paris Agreement, an agreement between 171 nation states that seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions, control the temperature change relative to pre-industrial levels, and cultivate focus on increasing the ability of the agreeing nation states to adapt to the changes brought about by climate change. It’s a landmark agreement, the newest global promise to work towards truly improving our ecological impact—but it’s an admittedly imperfect one. There is no such beast as perfect public policy. Which isn’t a condemnation—I praise the involved nations for working together to craft this agreement, and I hope that it will live up to its promise. I’m simply saying that there’s still work to be done. There is still work that we can do to protect our planet and to protect each other from the damage that has already been wrought, and I believe that Earth Day serves as a reminder of our remarkable planet, of the stunning nature of this vessel that serves as our home.

I hope that today finds you well, and that you had a chance to slap on some sunscreen and appreciate this beautiful planet with which we have been gifted. (It was cloudy where I am—maybe you fared better.) Peace, love, and sunshine.

#earthday #parisagreement #blatantoptimism
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